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About ArkyLAB

Luca Bisighini’s ArkyLAB is a dynamic and efficient architectural Studio in Italy that deals in architecture at 360°. It is able to follow the client in every phase of the work offering a full service: cadastral documentations, projects for renovations and for new buildings, direction of the works, surveys and accounting of the works, estimations and metric calculation of building works and similar, safety on the building yards and interior design. This activity includes the project of the spaces, the design of furniture and accessories, lights, renovations and all aspects that may ensure a certain quality of life in a microenvironment.

Small-Medium-Large are the projects we are currently working on with positive results. We are designing one-family houses, villas and apartments for private and public people, offices, shops and hotels, in Italy and abroad. Furthermore we are dealing in works of interior design, fittings for exhibitions, design of furniture and products and consultancy for companies.

________________Architectural projects of new buildings and renovations
________________Bioclimatic projects and energy-saving
________________Furniture and interior design
________________Exhibition fittings
________________Concept Design and Industrial Design


We are operating in ARCHITECTURE and INTERIOR DESIGN in constant and continuous
cooperation with our client without any distinction between small and big works or between
public and private.

    Public buildings  Industrial buildings:


  • Residential buildings:

________________One-family houses, villas
________________Multi-family houses
________________Tower buildings
________________Country and rustic houses

  • Commercial buildings:

________________Showrooms and shops

  • Buildings for tourism and wellness:

________________Spa and wellness centres
________________Seaside resortsi

  • Buildings for the entertainment:

________________Bars and coffee shop
________________Beer houses and wine bars
________________Discos and pubs

  • Buildings for exhibitions:

________________Congress centres
________________Stands and fittings
________________Exhibitions and temporary shows

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